donderdag 8 september 2011

Models / diorama,s from the past , to the future

Hi People ,,,

In this first blog models from the past  only astronaut,s , cosmonaut,s in differnt poses , size,s , theme,s . these are all of resin on base with a lunar saurface with real sand , brass tools cam , viziors are real gold ...

The Moonwalkers serie 1/16 resin , i have made of this scale more than 77 diorama,s

after these 3 astronaut,s i got to change the poses and more details ,

as example : The Hammer and the Feather

and from Apollo 12 astronaut   Alan Bean ,s paintings  :

Rock 'n' Roll on the Ocean of Storms , this one is go,s to a good friend of Alan Bean  , Mr Ulrich Lotzmann

Or duo theme,s as apollo 16 working out ( Hard drilling ) and a lot of  dust

the golfshot version,s  with real wilson golfclub and one with a golfbal

MMU 1/16 with hardware

In memory of Christa McAuliffe and flight crew, the first teacher in space

Heroes that make it possible gift diorama , for Alan Bean , apollo 12 anniversary 

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  1. Zeer mooi blog heb je hier bubblegum en zeer interessant..
    Figuren en dioramas zijn top afgewerkt...